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Several: Activate panes via mouse hover

As a fan of xplorer2, I find one of the most efficient features is that one can move the mouse to a different pane and that makes that pane active. It is priceless.

Also, it doesn't seem like your Quick View pane shows .JPEG or other files except as data. A Preview pane that actually shows each file in native format (not data), including movies, images, word processing files, etc. is invaluable.

If you could provide a way for the user to customize the right-click menu that appears, and make it specific to your software, that would be excellent.

In the Quick View, when one switches back and forth between View and Edit, having the title bar show which mode one is in would be valuable.

Even more valuable is if you could have a live preview while editing files (e.g. see both the HTML code and an updating-with-changes preview side by side.

Being able to hide drives from the drive bar (E.g. drives that have no CD in them) would be useful.

Most explorer replacements allow the user to add many new columns besides name, extension, size, and date and arrange their order.

I really like your software and it shows a lot of promise.

I could give you additional suggestions and feedback if given a permanent license to it.

Hank Friedman , 04.02.2017, 03:23
Idea status: under consideration


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